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Location,price and vastu what are buyers looking for?

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions one makes. It is accompanied by a number of factors which go hand in hand and are equally important while buying a house. Once the location and the price criteria are fulfilled, Vastu is a major priority when one buys a house and rightfully so. The positivity of a place or a location is one of the most influencing factors for people in buying a house.

So how does Vastu plays a role in buying a house?

Vastu is an ancient science which tells how to design a house and if applied wisely it can create a very well ventilated, well designed and a spacious house.

1. The direction of the house followed by the arrangement, positive flow of energy and ventilation.

2. On the basis of the size of the family joint families tend to adhere to the Vastu norms more than nuclear families.

3. Among other people businessmen also comply with the Vastu as compared to people who are in service.

Experts are of the view that the Vastu plays a major role in buying residential as well as commercial properties.Buyers tend to proceed without hesitation if the property complies with the Vastu norms. However there are some Vastu criteria which one should comply. One should not go overboard while complying with the Vastu norms. One should not blindly follow myths and follow Vastu norms.

Here are some pointers suggested by experts to ensure that home buyers make the correct decision

The entrance- For entrance to an apartment the entrance of the block should be considered as the main door. Entrance should always be from the north or the north-east.

Cross-ventilation-Ample sunlight and cross ventilation is very important. The windows or the balcony should either be to the north or east facing as the morning sunlight brings positivity and is rich in ultraviolet rays.

Kitchen-The south-east corner in any apartment is ideal for the kitchen.

The living room-The living room should be in the centre from where every room is accessible.

Kids room-The kids room should ideally be to the north-east or the north-west.

Toilets and bathrooms-The toilets and bathrooms should be built in the south-west corner or the south of the flat.

Buying a house is huge challenge in today’s world. Along with the location and price, some vastu norms are also to be followed to some extent so that your house will have a positive vibe.

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