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Should you wait or should you buy home now in Pune?

A big eye opener to all those people who think they have lost all their savings, the demonetization has played its cards to make one more secure and independent in the future.

For many city dwellers, owning a home is always a distant dream. Unaffordable real estate prices compel them to stay in rented properties instead.

The major effect of the demonetization move is a down ward pressure on the interest rate structure. This would come as a relief to people who cannot afford the high EMIs on housing loans as a result taking loans from the banks has got easier and cheaper.

People after demonetization were startled and confused about their future funding or savings but the safest bet is to buy yourself an home which is always seen as an asset and in future will certainly yield good returns.

Demonetization also had a considerable effect on inflation. In fact, the inflation number that came has been the lowest in the last few quarters. Historically, the Reserve Bank of India has also lowered the repo rate when inflation is under control.

Apart from demonetization, there is the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), which has also made the real estate market more buyer-friendly.

Looking at all the above factors this is the right time for buyer to invest in property instead of waiting further.

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